Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Customers are requested to identify any special requirements when booking their flight. If you have booked your flight on our website, please contact the Reservations line at 1-800-667-9356 to ensure we can accommodate your requirements. You are required to contact Rise Air to discuss your requirements no later than 48 hours prior to flight time.

Visual and/or hearing-impaired passengers, with or without a service animal or companion, will be pre-boarded on our flights. For information regarding travelling with service animals, please visit Travelling with Service Animals.

Travelling with Service Animals

 Rise Air will permit a service animal on board without charge if the animal is:

  • Required for assistance and certified, in writing by a professional service animal institution, as having been trained to assist a person with a disability.
  • The animal must remain harnessed and under the passenger's control but does not need to be muzzled. If the animal is too large for the space under a seat, it may remain on the floor at the passenger's feet.
  • Passengers with service animals may not occupy seats where the animal impedes or obstructs access to an emergency exit or interferes with the crew's ability to respond to an emergency.
Mobility and Wheelchair Assistance

Rise Air will happily aid in transporting passengers who require mobility assistance, including that of a wheelchair.

For safety reasons, Transport Canada regulates the number of specific levels of wheelchair services provided on our aircraft. For this reason, we require you to contact our Reservations line at 1-800-667-9356 a minimum of 48 hours prior to departure so that our customer service attendants and inflight crew can be prepared for the arrival of passengers requiring wheelchair/mobility assistance.

Each passenger is permitted to bring, in addition to their free baggage allowance, one wheelchair that is transported in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Braces, crutches, walkers, canes, and other assistance devices will also be accepted and are free of charge


Rise Air does permit domestic household pets to be transported on our aircraft. Although we do our best to minimize allergens by keeping animals contained throughout the flight, our aircraft is a public space and cannot guarantee it is an allergen free environment.

Please call our Reservations line at 1-800-667-9356 when you confirm your reservation. We will make every reasonable effort to arrange a seat as far from the animal as possible.

Rise Air does not serve any nut products in their inflight service. However, despite our best efforts, other passengers may bring aboard food items that contain nut products or residue.

Travelling with Children/Expectant Mothers

  • Seat selection is not required for infants who are held on a lap of an adult.
  • An infant must be held during taxi, take-off and landing and whenever the seat belt sign is on.
  • Lap held infants must be held facing the adult’s chest or secured in an approved car seat for the duration of the flight.
  • Transport Canada mandates that infants are not permitted in the emergency exit row, and that no person shall be responsible for more than one infant (any child under two years of age) on board.
  • Two lapheld infants will not be seated in the same row due to the number of oxygen masks in each row.
  • Rise Air requires that a full fare be purchased for children over 2 years of age to have a purchased seat at a full fare and they must be accompanied by an adult older than 16 years of age.
  • Young adults aged 12-16 are permitted to travel on their own or use our accompanied minor service.
  • When checking in, Rise Air will try to assign a seat that is close to their parent or guardian for children under the age of 14.
  • If close seating is not available, seats will be assigned at check in volunteers will be requested at the time of board to change seats prior to take off with no additional charge.
  • We will attempt to assign seats:
    • Next to their parent or guardian for children aged 5 and under.
    • In the same row as their parent or guardian for children aged 6 to 11.
    • In a row that is separated by no more than row from their parent or guardian for children 12-13.
  • No child shall occupy an Emergency Exit seat.
  • For medical and safety reasons, expectant mothers are welcome on our flights until the end of their 36th week of pregnancy. A medical certificate provided by the passenger’s physician, nurse practitioner, and/or registered midwife is required to fly after the 36th week of pregnancy, stating the passenger is fit to travel. An original signed and dated certificate from their health professional must be presented at time of check in.
  • In instances where the departure date is prior to the 36th week of pregnancy but the return flight is after the 36th week, a medical certificate as described above is required for the return flight.

Travelling with Children

Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, and comfortable travel for children travelling alone.
We do this through our Unaccompanied Minor Program.

  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11 who are travelling alone will be registered in the program.
  • Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to travel alone.
  • Reservations must be confirmed for the child’s final destination and notification provided at the time of booking that the child is travelling as an unaccompanied minor.
  • Reservations for an unaccompanied minor to travel can only be made Monday through Friday, on the first flight of the day.
  • The parent or guardian who is dropping off and picking up the child at the airport is required to have photo identification and must provide contact information including their full name, address, and telephone number. An emergency contact number is also required to be provided prior to the child’s departure

The charge for an unaccompanied minor’s air ticket is the premium class fare applicable to their destination.

  • An additional fee of $21.00 is charged for this service and must be paid at the time of booking.
  • Passenger must check in no later than one half hour prior to departure.
  • Identification is required to be provided for the child travelling, e.g., health services card, treaty card, etc.
  • Parent or guardian dropping off the child is required to provide photo identification, complete an unaccompanied minor form, and pay the fee if it has not already been paid.
  • The child provided with a lanyard tag to wear to identify them as an unaccompanied minor.
  • A customer service agent will escort the unaccompanied minor to the aircraft and relay all pertinent information to the flight crew, who will take over responsibility for the child.
  • Once the aircraft has arrived at the child’s final destination, the crew will relay the information to the local customer service agent.
  • The child will be escorted into the arrival area and will be released into the parent’s or guardian’s care following presentation of photo identification and signature to match that which is on the unaccompanied minor form.