Cargo Services

We offer daily freight service to the communities we serve in Northern Saskatchewan. No matter how big or small your shipment is, Rise Air offers three shipping options: three, seven, or fourteen days. Rise Air bases are fully equipped with cooler and freezer space to properly store your cargo until it is shipped.


Pet Acceptance

Rise Air accepts pets for travel as checked baggage travelling with a passenger only.

All animals travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft, (the SAAB aircraft cargo area is the same temperature as the cabin area.) Due to the limited space in the cabins of our aircraft and the possibility of allergic reactions, animals will not be transported in the cabin area, with the exception of service animals that assist customers with a disability.

• All animals must be in a hard-sided approved kennel

• Must have a leakproof bottom kennel

• Animal must be able to stand up and turn around comfortably

• Must not be shipped on any aircraft that is transporting dry ice


Accepting pet as baggage:

Notice must be given when reservation is made that passenger is traveling with a pet (including type and size of pet as well as size of kennel)

Notes stating pet travelling must be entered in the reservation.

The animal must be travelling on the same flight as passenger, and must check in at least 1 hour prior to departure with the pet

The animal is counted as the first piece of luggage, excess will be charged on other items if exceeding the 75 lb. limit.

A handling fee of $20.00 plus GST is charged to the passenger and must be prepaid